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BDHS Episode 043 - Bassic Deep House Sessions Dec 21, 2013

1.5 hour set recorded live on 2013.12.21 by Robby Black

BEST DEEP HOUSE of 2013 part 1


  • Tracks released during 2013 
  • Appeared on Bassic Deep House Sessions
  • I still enjoy listening to them
  • Really doesn't matter if anyone else played the track

TAGS: DeepHouse, SoulfulHouse, AfroDeep, Deep and Soulful House Music, South Africa, DJ Set, BestOf2013

#  Title  Artist  Label  Year  Start
1    U Feel (LeeDaines One Key Wonky Bass Mix)    Mile Grozdanovski    Artefact    2013      
2    Arcana (Original Mix)    Adultnapper    Get Physical Music    2013      
3    Evolution (5th Ave Mix)    New York Deep Ensemble    SoSexy    2013      
4    The Art Of Doing Nothing (Deep House Edit)    Rubba J    Piston Recordings    2013      
5    ATL (Main No Sax)    Josh Milan    Vega Records    2013      
6    Hammondite (Original Instrumental)    Raffa Scoccia    Ristretto Music    2013      
7    Intermission (Instrumental)    Chuck Lafunq    E-SA    2013      
8    I Love A Black Woman (RcMocha Mix)    Dj Roland Clark    Delete Records    2013      
9    Inrowd (Original Mix)    DJ Spen + Dodha    unquantize    2013      
10    My Aniseed Lollipop (Original Mix)    Anaxander    Local Talk    2013      
11    Colt    Dense & Pika    Hotflush Recordings    2013      
12    The Dancer (Ian Pooley Remix)    K-Alexi    K Klassik    2013      
13    I Wanna Go (Original Mix)    DJ Le Roi    Muak Music    2013      
14    Clock (Original Mix)    John Jastszebski    Bass Culture Records    2012      
15    Hallelujah (Kaoz Club Mix)    Kerri Chandler    King Street Sounds    2013      
16    Chord Of Love (Original Mix)    Stemi    Vulcania Records    2013      
(Tracklist embedded in lyrics section of each MP3)
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