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BDHS Episode 039 - Bassic Deep House Sessions Nov 01, 2013
DOWNLOAD     PLAY 2 hour set recorded live on 2013.11.02 by Robby Black

TAGS: DeepHouse, SoulfulHouse, AfroDeep, Deep and Soulful House Music, South Africa, DJ Set
#  Title  Artist  Label  Year  Start
1    La Good Life (Main Mix)    Lin Q & Sliq Keys    Mofunk Records    2013      
2    Sola Topi (Original Mix)    Groovesoul    Skalla Records    2013      
3    When It Rains Outside (Original Mix)    Jon Cutler & Raffa Scoccia    Distance Music    2013      
4    Warning (Rhemi Main Mix)    Rhemi & Lynn Lockamy    Rhemi Music    2013      
5    Drops (LouPeoples)    Massimiliano Guaiana    Decibel NYC    2013      
6    Abilities (Original Mix)    Ariel M    Spyglass Recordings    2013      
7    Asikolo (@HallexM & LoicL Remix)    Dj Fudge    United Music Records    2013      
8    Content (The Dancer Mix)    DJ Roland Clark    Delete Records    2013      
9    October 14 (Original Mix)    Aki Bergen    Kolour Recordings    2013      
10    Do It    Special Key    Red Eleven Recordings    2013      
11    Reasons To Be Dismal (Extendedsight Version)    Foremost Poets    Poker Flat Recordings    2013      
12    Spirits (Original Mix)    Daniel Barross    SpekuLLa Records    2013      
13    Burning Inside (Original Mix)    Flystereo    Act Natural Records    2013      
14    Sunday Morning (SevaK Remix)    Sebastian Davidson    Into The Depths    2013      
15    Sahel Road (Original)    Transitive Feelings    Stereoheaven    2013      
16    Visions (Original Mix)    Kid Culture Feat. Rene Engel    Skint Records    2013      
17    Dauphiness World    Neverdogs    Street King    2013      
18    The Finish Line (the Piono Line)    Kquesol    Kquewave Records    2013      
19    Anything Is Possible (Organ Solo Mix)    Tiger Wilson    Makin Moves    2013      
20    Glitching In My Soul (UnderGround Deep Mix)    Benny T    Open Bar Music    2013      
21    Another World (Original Mix)    Oliversam    Kimbo Records    2013      
22    Colt    Dense & Pika    Hotflush Recordings    2013      
(Tracklist embedded in lyrics section of each MP3)
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