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BDHS Episode 015 - Bassic Deep House Sessions Aug 20, 2012
DOWNLOAD     PLAY 1 hour set recorded live by Robby Black for the DJ MARCODEEP Show, aired on Takman's radio Greece 2012-08-20 19:00 GMT

TAGS: DeepHouse, SoulfulHouse, Deep and Soulful House Music, DJ Set
#  Title  Artist  Label  Year  Start
1    Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)    Hauschka    Tsugi Sampler    2012      
2    Bossa House (Original Mix)    Marco Amadeo & Mirco Sonatore Feat Camilo Parra    Music Plan Tracks    2010      
3    Glose (Original Mix)    Copyshop    Numoment recordings    2012      
4    Doctor Love    2Manyfold    Moodmusic    2012      
5    Alignment (Ilias Katelanos & Addex Remix)    Alveol    Lovezone Records    2012      
6    Nothing To Say (Original Mix)    Deep Spelle    Lens Media    2012      
7    It's On (STP remix)    Kevin Yost    I Records    2010      
8    Shining (Phonique Remix)    Slideshow Park    High Pro-File Recordings    2012      
9    Misdirection    Willie Graff & Tuccillo    Local Talk    2012      
10    Find A Way (Original Mix)    Fish Go Deep    Go Deep    2012      
11    Might Be (John Daly Remix)    Baldo    Good Ratio Music    2012      
(Tracklist embedded in lyrics section of each MP3)
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