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BADS Episode 002 - Bassic Afro Deep Sessions Jul 07, 2012
DOWNLOAD     PLAY 90 minute set recorded live on 2012.07.07 by Robby Black
This session features some of the best AfroDeep tracks that South Africa has to offer. There are DeepHouse and SoulfulHouse tracks from other parts of the world as well.

TAGS: AfroDeep, DeepHouse, SoulfulHouse, AfroHouse, Deep and Soulful House Music, DJ Set
#  Title  Artist  Label  Year  Start
1    Set Me Free (Tonic Remix)    Mr Funk Daddy ft DJ Sue    Itayma Le Funk Multimedia    2012      
2    Igbo Religion (Jus Nativ & Clents Deep Vocal Mix)    Rubical Spears    Jus Nativ Records    2012      
3    Electric Moods    SoulPoizen    Soul O Music    2011      
4    Dont Undastand (Original Mix)    Huxley & Russo    Leftroom Records    2011      
5    Klavier Haus (Original Mix)    Topspin, Dmit Kitz    Cherry Pickers    2012      
6    El Duelo (Original Mix) (Robby's Edit)    Maurice Aymard feat. Yetta    Moodmusic    2012      
7    The Deepness (Agent X Style Mix)    Bukusoul    Whasdat Music    2012      
8    Linda (Instrumental)    Ralf GUM ft Oluhle    Gogo Music    2012      
9    Untitled Emotion (Murat Tepeli Remix)    Various Artists    Ava    2012      
10    Ancestral Godz (Ofuren Remix)    Nature L & Soul Varti    Under Pressure Records    2012      
11    Herr Glotz (Original Mix)    Max Volkholz    DeepWit Recordings    2012      
12    Love In Vain (Instrumental)    Extragalactic Blues Man    Deepness    2012      
13    Grey Afternoon (Funkellers Remix)    SoulDeep Inc. & Jerry C King feat. Harry Dennis    Epoque Music    2012      
14    Black Sands    Akra    Teng    2012      
15    Oomph (Original Mix)    Grigory Fatyanov    UM Records    2012      
16    Deeper Thoughts (Original Mix)    Chujo    CliqueAMP    2012      
17    L.A. Groove (Sergio Santos & Tamer Malki Remix)    Audio Analysts    Something Different    2012      
(Tracklist embedded in lyrics section of each MP3)
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