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Robby Black
Robby Black

Robby Black's Bio

Robby has been playing house since before it was house; worked all the major clubs through the 80's in Montreal.

He started his own productions in 1986 with the first release being a re-edit license deal of Ralphie Rosario’s You used to hold me on his own BassMint Records.

In 1988 he started Bassic Records (Yes the original Bassic Records), releasing a dozen or so EP's until 1993 including Beginning of Life by Mike Perras. Robby has gotten back into production as well as DJ'ing since 2011.

Living in Montreal and being so close to NYC he spent most of the 80's going back-and-forth weekly between both cities, that's really where much of his inspiration originates.

"I have always been a house-head and have never stopped loving and deeply enjoying all the good music that fills these spaces, even for the period of time that I was not involved with the scene I diligently downloaded DJ sets from sites such as the ones listed in the Links section.

Stay tuned for new 2 hour sets twice per month...